About Us

Detroit Bourbon was founded by Detroit-area Bourbon enthusiasts in an effort to bring all things Bourbon together in one location.  It is intended to be a helpful guide to Bourbon and Bourbon culture for enthusiasts worldwide, with an added benefit to those in the Detroit, Michigan area.

Our passion for Bourbon started as an innocent pursuit of this wonderful, golden liquid at home and at our favorite local watering holes.  This passion has been steadily fueled over the years by multiple visits to each of the commercial distilleries in Kentucky.  Several memorable trips and completed passports later, this desire to experience more things Bourbon has also grown to include a number of distilleries that have opened in the Detroit, MI and Traverse City, MI areas.  Between the growing popularity in Bourbon around the globe and the expansion of the industry in our home state, the time has never been better to share our enthusiasm with you!

Content will include:

  • Bourbon reviews
  • Bourbon news & new releases
  • Bourbon culture & related products
  • Bourbon recipes
  • Michigan Bourbon pricing