Jim Beam Straight Rye Whiskey

Even with the recent surge in the popularity of Bourbon, 2015 may be shaping up to be the “Year of the Rye.” With Woodford Reserve already announcing the addition of a Straight Rye Whiskey, it’s no surprise that Jim Beam is following suit.

As was the case with Woodford Reserve, Jim Beam also made the product announcement via Facebook on New Year’s Day.  However, those with a taste for Rye won’t be forced to wait months for this new product!  750 mL bottles of the 90 proof Rye are already in the Michigan distribution channel with a state minimum price of $19.99, and are already on the shelves at many area bars and stores.


Woodford Reserve Straight Rye Whiskey!

Originally reported by BourbonBlog.com in August, 2014, Woodford Reserve has now confirmed via Facebook that Straight Rye Whiskey will be “available in select markets this February.”  If the bottle label from the release photo is of the final product, it will be available in 750 mL bottles at 90.4 proof.

Information is not yet available on whether Michigan will be one of the select markets, but previous Woodford Reserve releases have quickly been made available in Michigan.  I would expect to see it on Michigan store shelves in the February to March time frame!